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Robbie Williams announces charity auction

Robbie Williams announces charity auctionRobbie Williams - in conjunction with Bonhams – is spearheading a charity auction titled “Doing it for the Kids” on July 15 at 3pm.23 hours ago via music-news

Brian Williams nixes PBS appearance; Michelle Obama steps in

Logo Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — NBC's Brian Williams has withdrawn from hosting a broadcast honoring those who support U.S. veterans and military families, and first lady Michelle Obama is stepping in to film an introduction instead.1 week ago via Associated Press

Pharrell: Happy success was humbling

Pharrell: Happy success was humblingPharrell Williams put “pure emotion” into his hit single Happy.2 weeks ago via music-news

Gwen Stefani: Stop with the selfies!

Gwen Stefani: Stop with the selfies!Gwen Stefani is so pleased her talented friend Pharrell Williams is taking over the world with his music.2 weeks ago via music-news

Snoop: Pharrell understands me

Snoop: Pharrell understands meSnoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams “bring out the best of each other” when working together.3 weeks ago via music-news

Robbie Williams' UFO obsession made him 'weird and fat'

Robbie Williams' UFO obsession made him 'weird and fat'

Robbie Williams wanted to start a clothing line to get away from being the "weird and fat" singer who was obsessed with aliens.

Robbie Williams admits his obsession with aliens made people think he is "weird".

The 'Angels' singer developed a fascination with extra-terrestrial beings after getting "burnt out" by his pop career and decided to turn his attention to fashion when he realised his new hobby was affecting his public image - and making him pile on the pounds.

Speaking about why he launched his label Farrell, he said: "Ever since I was 16 all I have been doing is make album, promote album, tour album... and I did that for 20 years.

"Then I got a bit burnt out and I was looking for something else. I thought that something else was making documentaries about UFOs.

"But that wasn't going to work out for me. It just made me weird and - at the time - fat. Weird and fat, looking at UFOs.

"So I thought I would reverse out of this situation, which was a PR nightmare, and my management put the idea [of a clothing line] to me."

The 38-year-old star - whose wife Ayda Field is due to give birth to their first child in the coming weeks - was ridiculed in the past for his interest in outer-space, notably when he claimed a UFO had visited him in his studio right after he penned a track about aliens.

He said: "I had just finished writing a song called 'Arizona', which is about alien abduction, when there was this glow. It was magic."

3 years ago via music-news
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